Prayer Warrior Boot Camp for Groups (eBooks)
Prayer Warrior Boot Camp for Groups (eBooks)
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Prayer Warrior Boot Camp for Groups (eBooks)

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As our weekly session drew to a close, the facilitator of our summer Bible study simply asked, "Would someone like to close us in prayer?"

You could have heard a pin drop. Out of a group of over 20 women, no one dared to move or breathe. I was both shocked and saddened. Did no one have the confidence to pray out loud?

At our very next women's ministry team I suggested we offer a workshop on prayer. Our women needed help. Chances are yours do too!

The Prayer Warrior Boot Camp for Groups is an interactive experience that takes a fresh approach to the ACTS prayer method.

Participants will:

  1. Learn exercise routines they can use and teach to others.
  2. Stretch their prayer muscles by trying something new.
  3. Build up their scriptural prayer knowledge.
  4. Gain confidence in praying out loud.
  5. Acquire tools they can use in their prayer life.

You'll receive two downloadable e-Books in a PDF format.

  1. The Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Leader's Guide contains everything you need to do and say.
  2. The Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Workbook is ready to print and use. You'll print one copy for each participant.

You'll also receive bonus resources you can use to enhance the experience including an original icebreaker game, bookmarks, and a coloring page.

The Prayer Warrior Boot Camp kit can be used for a:

  • 3-hour prayer workshop
  • 1 or 2-day retreat
  • 5 week Bible study

You can view a sample here.

Prayer connects us with Christ

  • Women who fail to pray regularly are missing out! We need our women to pray bold prayers! Regular times of prayer will strengthen their spiritual lives.

Prayer is the foundation of a healthy mentoring/discipleship relationship.

  • Many women are unwilling to mentor or disciple another woman because they don't feel confident praying out loud. We need to equip and encourage our women to live out Titus 2.

Prayers out loud lend comfort and strength to those in need.

  • Praying out loud isn't rocket science, but we treat it like it is. Teaching women these prayer exercises will give them the tools they need to pray out loud anywhere at any time.

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